The ONLY 100% protection from pregnancy and infections is to not have sex. Condoms can provide some protection against infections, but not 100% of the time. Every method of birth control might fail.

How many kids my age are having sex?

According to one study (1), less than 17% of youth have had sex at 15 years of age. By 16 years of age, 70% of youth are still virgins. By the age of graduation from high school, almost 40% of teens have never had sex. So when you hear "Everyone is doing it" you now know this is not true. Many of your friends are choosing to wait.

(1. Finer LB and Philbin JM, Sexual initiation, contraceptive use, and pregnancy among young adolescents, Pediatrics, 2013)

Why should I wait to have sex?

Great things can happen when you choose to wait to have sex.

  • No worry for an unplanned pregnancy.
  • No risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection.
  • Less stress than those who choose to have sex.
  • You can focus your energy on your own goals.
  • It allows you to build relationships without the pressure of sex.