The sponge is a "barrier" method available at drug stores. It is soft sponge soaked in spermicide. The sponge will block the sperm from finding the egg and the spermicide will kill the sperm. It is inserted into the vagina before having sex and must stay in place for 6 hours after sex. However, if left in place longer than 30 hours, it could cause Toxic Shock Syndrome. It is only 88% effective. If you have had a baby, it is only 75% effective.


  • No exam or prescription is needed
  • Cheap birth control
  • No hormones


  • Not one of the best methods of birth control
  • You must think about your birth control EVERY time
  • It is not fitted to your body, so it may slip out of place
  • It can be hard to find in stores
  • If left in place too long, it can cause a serious infection