What if I think I'm pregnant?

A pregnancy test will detect pregnancy hormone in your urine. The test can be used as early as 6 days after sex. You can buy a pregnancy test almost anywhere and the test is inexpensive. You can also come to our clinic for a free pregnancy test. It is very important that you get care when you are pregnant. The sooner you seek care for you and your baby, the fewer problems you will have with your pregnancy.

Who should I talk to?

Talk to your parents about your health. If it is not safe or you are not comfortable talking to them, you can talk to your doctor or staff in the Mesa County Public Health Clinic. They can counsel you on the options available in our area and other community resources.

Where can I go for help?

B4Babies and Beyond is a program for women who are pregnant. They can help you get insurance coverage, set up prenatal care, get into the dentist, help you stop smoking and provide other support services.

B4Babies and Beyond