CNC Halloween

Hello Kiddo's!

In this assignment we are going to create a lantern out of wood, with the help of the CNC machine.

The CNC machine is a computer driven router-plotter that can cut shapes, forms out of wood. It looks a bit like a 3d printer, but here the machine takes material away instead of adding. The designing part will be done on the computer. We are going to use EASEL as designing software.  The lamp will have sides of maximum 15 cm (150mm), and the the thickness of the wood will be 3mm. You will have to design 4 sides, the bottom will be made of another piece of wood and will be used as the base. 

Here are the steps:

Step 1:  Design


Use the right measurements! Use a ruler! Start designing  1 of your sides. Once you're done, trace them with a marker and take a picture of it with your phone. We will use it this picture in the app. Do this for the 3 other sides as well (4 in total) They cannot be the same!

Step 2: Easel

Go to easel (see link in the attachments). 

Put in the right measurements for the wood and the bit. (200mmx200mmx3mm) and bit 1/8 DoubleFlute Straight Cut.

Use image trace to import your design.  I'll show in class how to do it, or watch this youtube video.

Fit the image on the right place in the easel software. 

If all is right, 1 side is done: Click on Machine > Advanced > Generate Gcode
And then download the Gcode. Upload the Gcode file to Google Classroom. If you are totally done:  you will have 4 files of gcode uploaded. 

Step 3: Cutting & sanding

Once I have the Gcode, I'll start cutting as soon as possible. I'll feed your files to the CNC machine and it will start cutting your design. 

You can't do much during this process, the machine will do it for you. (Takes about 30 minutes per 4 sides)

When the cutting is done, you will need to sand your work a bit, to get rid of the splinters and smoothen out. Careful though!It can break. 

Step 4: Glueing together

Glue the 4 sides together with wood glue or super glue. DO NOT use hot glue. 

It will take some patience and effort to keep it all together. Glue the pieces as neat as possible together so that no cracks will be visible.

When the glue has hardened (+/- 15 mins) sand the edges lightly.

Step 5: Paint!

Give your design a nice color. Paint neatly and try do do it without visible streaks. 

Step 6: Paper!

Use regular paper and fold or cut 4 sides that fit exactly inside of your lantern. Use regular glue to add them.

Step 7: Light!

Add a tea candle and enjoy your work!

Now show your masterpiece to me so we can grade your work.