Art Toy Design

Hello Everybody! 

In the next project you are going to design a toy figure. But of course not just any toy figure, it needs to be a Designer Art Toy. 

Wait? What is that?

Art toys are collectible, typically sold in small blind boxes, created by artists, and most often mass-produced in limited runs or series. Have you ever thought about how artists like Marshmello, Deadmau5, and Daft Punk got their style from? (go on those links) It's all in a new movement in art, that roots from further ago. 

You are going to create a Designer Art Toy and you will present that in a package which you will design completely yourself. During the process, you have to complete certain steps and turn these in through Google Classroom. 

Some steps will be graded. All documents and links you will find on this page. So if you get lost in the process, this page is your walkthrough.

Your final product will be presented during the midterm Finals in the last week before Christmas. You will then be graded according the grading rubric you'll find on this page. 

Let's get started!

Step 1: Learn!

Learning about the Art and History behind modern day Pop-art. You'll follow an Art History Lesson by Mr Pieter. Pay attention! Once you are going to design your toy, you'll also have to be able to tell which artists inspired you and why.

Step 2: Investigate

After the Art History lesson by Mr Pieter, it's time to explore for your own interests. You are allowed to google anything you want, but the links provided with this step are mandatory to visit and study. 

Pick a few artists of which you like their work. They could be your inspiration for your own Designer Art Toy. 

Step 3: Sketch and Design

In this step, you are going to get your design. You will do so by drawing an extensive colored sketch of what your designer toy should look like. You should also include which material (plastic, wood, or clay) you are going to use. Once you are done drawing you make a photo of your drawing with your phone, webcam, or other devices that can make photos. And you add that to the document provided with this link. (make a copy of it before you use it, it's read-only) When the document is completed, you'll turn that in through Google Classroom. (pay attention to the due date) You will receive a grade for this. Not sure how to get started? Click here for some practical ideas!

Click here for the Form!

Step 4: Build!

Use the time to 3D design, Clay, 3D print or CNC cut your Designer Art Toy. Don't forget to paint it neatly and check every once in a while the rubric to see if you're still on track for a good result! You have approximately 3 weeks (12 lessons) time to build your product. 

Step 5: Evaluate!

In the last week of the semester, the finals will be determined. During this final Mr Pieter  will evaluate the product together with you. We will do so according the rubric provided in this step. 

Good luck!

Toy Art Design - Grading Rubric