Hello everyone!

In this series of lessons you are going to make an educational board game. 

As we speak right now we are in de midst of the Corona virus and lots of children will have to stay home. Of course a big part of them will get home-schooling, but it is still not as effective as normal school. To reduce that gap you will develop a board game that has an educational purpose for Elementary children. Of course it might also be a super nice game to play with the whole family. The end result will be a written instruction with photo's or an instruction video where you show how this game works. You are also providing a link to where people can download the game so they can print and play it. We're going to do this in steps (you can see these in the submenu). 

Please follow the deadlines and don't forget to check the rubric to see how you're doing!

Good luck!

Mr. Pieter