CNC basics


Welcome by Lesson 1 . Today we're going to learn to work with Easel. Easel is online software to design CNC cuts. Though Easel isn't exactly made for the machine we will be using in class, it will work. In the end we only need the G-code from the software to feed that to the machine.

- G-code????????? O__0 sorry??!?!?!?!

Okay, relax! You are not going to learn any code. The software writes this code for you. The CNC machine reads the code and knows what to do. G-code is just constantly telling the CNC cutter where to go and how deep to cut. 3D printers also work with g-code. But your end result on the computer will endup with a single file and a bunch of codes. I'll teach you how to feed these codes to the machine in a later lesson.

Watch the video: now have an idea of what it all is, let's get to work.

We're going to work with EASEL. Easel is free software from 

I could write a whole instructable on how to use it, but they have an awesome instruction website. So go THERE first!'re now all set to do the first assignment: We're going to make a tile wall. We're not going to really use tiles, but pieces of wood of 6' by 6'. 

These are the requirements:

Now....where do we start? Follow the  instructions on the video and when you're done call me. We'll extract the gcode and carve it on the CNC cutter!

Good luck! 

Mr. Pieter