Compose your own Ringtone

Hi Students!

This time  we are going to do a music assignment. As on your schedule it says Arts, we are going to study a bit about the arts of music. At the end of this week you will have composed your own music piece: a ringtone. What you will learn this week will be the basics of other assignments you will receive later during Arts. 

In class I will teach you about the Soundtrap-app. It's an online app that works pretty easy and you can make awesome things with it. 


Electronic music (but all music basically) is build up in layers. Usually you have a beat, a bass, some leading tunes and vocals. Those are called layers or tracks. The Soundtrap-app lets you work with these layers.

Let's watch the video next first: 

I will let you listen in class to some other muscial pieces to learn to listen for layers in music.
If you want your tone to sound nice, you'll have to learn this technique. 

Okay, enough theory. Let's make some music!


Open a blank template in the Soundtrap studio

Click on the loop browser in the top-right. Click on the down arrow to open the loop filters.

Choose the drum filter.

Click on a loop once to hear it. Select a drum loop and drag it into your project.

Go back to the browser and choose the bass filter.

Choose a loop and drag it underneath the drum loop to add it to your project.

Add at least two more loops to the project.

Adjust volume levels of each track with the volume knob located in the track header for each instrument.

Save your project with the button in the top center.

Once the project is done mixing, click the download button in the top center.

Now that you have an mp3 file, you can upload it to your smartphone and set it as a ringtone.

Minimum demands:

See the rubric for your grade.

Music: Ringtone Rubric