Step 3

Design your board!

From this point you are allowed to use any program you want. Wether it's paint, google drawings, slides whatever works for you.  You have to create a board that can be printed on either a A3 paper format or will be divided over two US letter format pages. This way all the board have the same size. I will print your board out at school and use it later to grade the total outcome. You can print your board yourself too. 

Make sure to design it also with attractive colors and images if possible. If a board game looks good, it'll be much more fun to play. Here are some ideas. 

Once you are done designing, create a pdf and upload the files through classroom. You have instruction cards? They need to be turned in too! As wel as bonus cards, side cards. All that can be printed out needs to be turned in. 

I'm so looking forward to your creations!