Hi kids,

on this page I will point out your next assignment: The next 6 weeks you will be sewing. You will make use of just hand-sewn techniques, but also you will make use of the machine. There will be a schedule and there will be a grading rubric, so you can stay aware of the grade you'll receive after this project. 

So, what's the project about? 

You will be sewing a stuffed animal. You will design this animal totally yourself, draw and lay out the pattern en then put the whole thing together. Your animal will be a gift to the children in Casa Cuna. This is an orphanage for abused children and children with no parents. The children living there are all younger than 7 years. I will see if we can organise a field-trip there, so you can hand your creation over yourself.

I've never sewn! How do I do this?

Well, there is a first time for everything. We will do this together. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes you fail. Failing is not a bad thing as long as you try again. Nobody learned walking without falling. We will be using this instructable  as guideline. It explains everything pretty well. You don't have to necessarily follow the instructable, but it is a good guideline. That's up to you. 

Good luck!

Mr Pieter


Grading Rubric Stuffed Animal project