MakeyMakey Music

Let's Build Music!

In the next assignment you will be building a  musical device with the Makey Makey.  You have worked with the Makey Makey before (so  you know how it works) but you can add much more to it. I'll explain that in class. You are not building an instrument; You will be building an experience. Let's see some videos first, before I explain what to do more.

Did you see that there are a lot of examples to build a musical experience?

You'll be doing the same: It's your choice if you want to build a musical painting or an  musical instrument you can walk on creative! Think outside of the box.
You will display your "instrument" in the Performing Arts Room (after you build it) and we will invite students from Elementary School to explore your musical experience. They will be playing your builds!

You don't know how to start?

Perfect! I wrote these steps below and you should be able to complete the assignment without any help. Also, don't forget to scroll all the way down and check the rubric to see if you're on track for a good grade! And check Google Classroom for the due dates!

Good luck!

Step 1: Let go of the makeymakey

You don't need the makey makey in this step. You will have to gather the audio samples first, so you can create a musical piece. 

Step 2: Find a set of samples that can create a musical piece

You'll have to do that yourself. You can google for "DJ loops for free" or export sounds from Soundtrap or use the audio database from my website (see the box next to this text). You will need at least 8 sounds to create your musical instrument. (But as always, the more the better) 

When you have found the sounds & loops , download the sounds & loops in a folder together to your computer. You will need them for your scratch programming. 

Step 3: Get a MakeyMakey

Get a makeymakey and watch the video first.  It tells you shortly that there are more options to the makeymakey as you have used so far. 

In the next step we're going to program the sounds in Scratch.
If you haven't made an account yet on scratch do it before you start with Step 4!

Step 4:  Program you input in scratch!

Step 5: Build a test with the MakeyMakey

To test if everything works, build a test. This will not your final instrument, but you can see if the code you build works. 

If all works well, start designing your musical experience. 

Step 6: Make a sketch. 

Nothing can be build without a proper planning. Make a sketch of what you want to build. Show the sketch to the teacher, before you can build. Also: Make a photo of your sketch and upload that to the assignment in classroom. 

Step 7: Build & Test

In this step, you'll build your musical experience. Make sure to test it constantly to see if it still works. 

Step 8: Make a video

Make a video of your musical experience and explain how it works and what you have to do. Play it!  Upload the video to your  assignment in classroom and put it on the page of art in your Digital Portfolio. 

Step 9: Exposition

The elementary students will come to play your musical experiences!

Step 10: Rubric time!

Use the rubric below to grade your own work. Turn in through classroom

Want to know more?

Shawn Wasabi makes super cool stuff with MakeyMakey and other instruments . Check out his instagram!

In the past I have done more with loops and sounds and MakeyMakey by making a DJ soundboard. Check out wat Karun Tilokani once made.

Music: MakeyMakey Experience