Stop Motion Movie

Hi Kids!

We are going to make a STOP Motion Movie! 

I hear you thinking: " Whats that!"

Well, let's watch this video first --> you have seen a Stop Motion Video. You make these animations by making a lot of pictures. A lot? will make a HUGE amount of photo's.

But how do we do that? 

Watch the next video:

To make it easier for us, we are not going to work with a DSLR camera, or with an computer. There were some smart people who made an app on the ipad, to make it really easy for us to create our own STOP Motion movies.

So we are going to use the iPad for the Stop Motion Movie. There's an app on the iPad called "Stop Motion" and it's really easy to use:

You can use the video here to learn more: -->

So.......what would our movie be about?

You have been taught about the ancient world in your history lessons. You will have to make a short movie about a certain event that happened in Ancient Rome, Greece or Egypt. You can use clay, Lego's miniatures...whatever your creativity brings you. To get you's an example of a stop motion video from another 6th grader elsewhere in the world. 

Your movie:

You will be working in small groups of 3 students.

STEP 1: Brainstorm!

Use the docs below to help you make a story. (copy paste into a new Google Doc)

Stop Motion Video Brainstorm

Step 2: Organize!

Now you have an idea of what you want to do: You will make this more concrete in plans: Use the docs below to help you with that! (Copy past into a new Google Doc)

STEP 2: Organize!

Step 3: Storyboard

Use the doc below to make a storyboard for you movie. (copy paste in a new Google Doc.  If you want more information about storyboards click here


Step 4: Build!

Now, you have to build your set, the characters  and everything you now have planned! Good luck!

Step 5: Shoot!

When everything is build and ready to go, you will start shooting your movie. 

Use the iPad and the Stop Motion app and start shooting your movie. On top of this page there is a short how-to about Stop Motion, and on youtube there's also a lot of help. Still having trouble? --> Ask Mr. Pieter :-D