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22 September

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Daily Routines (in the school building)

Before leaving home:

Please email the school before 8.15am on each day of absence:

Please include your child’s full name, Grade and reason for absence.  Follow the links for further information on attendance and illness/exclusion from school.  In Semester 2, Grade 12s may receive off campus privileges.

Travelling to School

Contact our transport coordinator, Ron Falconer at rfalconer@isa.aberdeen.sch.uk for information about buses.  Our website has a list of the main routes and the bus conduct regulations.  You can find all the routes with (approximate) pick up times and stops from this link and additional guidelines for parents here.  

Follow the link for more information on safe cycling.  

Food at School

Lunches are ordered from a hot counter service at the time of the student's allocated lunchtime.

If you don't want a school meal please prepare a safe packed lunch for your child. 

Middle school 11.20 

High school 11.30

K-2 12.10

3-5 12.40

The weekly menu is posted in the daily notices, the price list can be found here.

Students bring in their own snacks for break time, due to allergens we ask that they don't bring in Nut products, and don't share their items with each other. 

ISA makes every effort to make the building safe for students with allergens, but we cannot guarantee it and it is important that your child know how to keep themselves safe. allergen information can be found on the menu.


You can find the elementary PE supply list here.  

Forgotten Equipment

If you child has forgotten anything, usually we can lend a replacement.  We can provide food, water, pens, paper, pencils or spare Chromebooks.  Don't feel you have to rush back to school


The following forms should be checked and updated every year in August, and then used to submit any changes as the year continues.

For PreSchool to Grade 12 (Each Year)

For PreSchool (once only)

General Expectations

ISA’s approach to behaviour issues is outlined in its philosophy statement. Students have both rights and responsibilities, and are expected to follow a Code of Conduct. ISA has outlined expectations and consequences including digital citizenship but this is not an exhaustive list.  We also set out specific expectations for buses, student dress, lunchtime, changing rooms and mobile phones.  The school has the right of reasonable search.  

ISA has specific policies on using the playground, bullying, academic honesty, IT acceptable use, and controlled substances.  

Guiding Statements, Policies and Strategy

ISA decisions are guided by a series of statements, most importantly its mission, vision and values, but also ones on internationalism , racism,and teaching and learning.  

ISA’s decisions should be consistent with its Board Policies which cover the School And Its Goals, the School Board, Fiscal Management, Business Management, Personnel, Health Safety Security And The Environment, Instruction, Students, School Community Relations, Data Protection, and Child Protection.

In addition, there are school based policies for assessment, academic honesty, language, inclusion, and IT.  

The school’s current 5 year strategic plan began in 2019 and consists of four parts: identity, curriculum, technology and staff capacity.  

Links to Other School Systems

ISA’s student management system is called PowerSchool.  You should have a username and password. If you don’t (or have forgotten it) please contact our tech support team.  You can check your child’s timetable, including which class they are in at the moment; for Middle and High School students you can check their current grades as well.  

You can find lots of books and ebooks on Destiny, our library system; parents are able to borrow books/ebooks as well as students, and you can email library@isa.aberdeen.sch.uk to register. Our library also has a wide range of online resources to provide students with safe, accurate information, such as Brainpop, World Book Online and EBSCO. For more details, please check the Library page

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