Fall Festival 2018


(October 17th, 2018)

An e-mail asking you to help a specifit PTA Food and Activities booth was sent yesterday. If you have not gotten one, or if you haven't signed up as a volunteer, please contact pta.sapporo@gmail.com

We have enough sweets for Trick or Treat, thank you for all the donation.

We are still collecting Raffle prizes! Please support us.

Flyers and posters are available at the PTA bulletin board. Please take them to share with your family and frinends. If you could ask at the shops, where you shop, if they could post the poster, that would be wonderful!

Thank you for your support, we appreciate your kindness.


(October 15th, 2018)

We now have enough PTA Food and Activities booths and volunteers will be assigned to a booth shortly (sorry for the delay).

We will be packing sweets for Trick or Treat this afternoon from 2pm. If you have time before picking up your child, please join us!

Thank you for those who have donated sweets! We have A LOT, thanks to your generousity.

Please help us collect more prizes for Raffle. So far, we have dinner/lunch voucher, coussin, beer, juice, Shochu (alcoholic drink), etc. If you have any questions, please contact pta.sapporo@gmail.com


(October 10th, 2018)

We will be packing sweets for Trick or Treat on the 2nd floor tomorrow afternoon.

If you have time before/after picking up your child/ren, please join us!



We seem to have enough booths now!


Arm Wrestling (Coordinator: Ayano)

Trick or Treat (Coordinator: Atsuko, Helpers: Student Council)

Craft (Coordinator: Megumi)

Raffle (Coordinator: MIka)

Food Booth:

Hot and Cold Drinks (Coffee, Tea, and pet bottled cold drinks) (Coordinator: Mr. Cooke)

Bake Sale (Donated home baked sweets and savory) (Coordinator: Tomoko)

Singapore (Chicken rice) (Coordinator: Asako, has enough helpers)

China/Hong Kong/Taiwan (Coordinator: Ada)

Korea (Coordinator: Kay)

USA (Coordinator: Aya R, Bob, two helpers assigned)

Italy (Coordinator: Yukiko, Yoko)

Sweden (Coordinator: Kumiko)

Australia (Coordinator: Yumiko H.)

... possibly 2 more!

Coordinators, if you have volunteer helping you in your booth, please let me know.

We will start assigning volunteers to a booth to help before the end of this week.


We will find volunteers to support you with shopping, preparation and cooking.

If you love cooking and are happy to share your speciality, this will be perfect moment!

1-2 dish / around 80-100 servings to be prepared.

Many visitors enjoy international food and as students are more concentrated on making snack/light meal this year, lunch-ish food will be popular.

Cost for buying ingredients will be reimbursed up to 5,000 yen per booth by PTA. For the rest, we would appreciate if it could be shared among the volunteers.

Plates, cutlery, cups, containers, will be provided by PTA and all the cost for buying cold and hot drinks will be reimbursed

For any questions and/or suggestions, please contact pta.sapporo@gmail.com

----- October 4th

PTA Food booth

Singapore, Korea, Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwan, Bake Sale, Hot/cold drinks

PTA Activity booth

Arm Wrestling, Trick or Treat, Arts & Craft,

Anyone interested in running a food/activity booth? Please contact pta.sapporo@gmail.com

  • Thank you for those who have donated sweets for Trick or Treat. We are still collecting donations for sweets and Raffle prizes! We appreciate your generosity!


Bulletin board for Fall Festival Volunteer work is placed at the entrance. If there is any work to going on on the day, it will be posted there. Please check it when you drop/pick up your child. Even 15 minutes or work is a great help! Thank you. (October 2nd)


We will start preparing from next week and list of things to do will be posted here.

Please stay tuned! (September 26th)



Fall festival is one of the biggest PTA sponsored events at HIS.


* Sell hot/cold drinks and international food.

* Have bake sale (sell home baked sweets and savory)

* Organize games (trick or treat, cake walk, arts&craft)

* Sell Raffle tickets

(Prize is donated by shop/restaurants in neighborhood and parents /guardians)

* Secondary students and their class will be also selling food and organizing games. Students are in charge of their project from planning to cleaning up. PTA will not financially support them as it is part of their learning but we work in collaboration to make the event more fruitful. The money they raised will be saved for their service trips in the future.


Throughout the year, the PTA gives grants to support students’ learning. A large part of these grants come from the profit from the Fall Festival.

Last year, PTA grants were given for the purchase of:

* Tents for the outdoor education program

* Referee stand for sports activities

* Guitar stands for after school lessons

* 15 tables (used for multiple events at school, including FF)

* Sound system in MPR

* Gifts for departing teachers

* Books for the library

* Display boards for Art Work

* Storage boxes for school concert costumes

* Volleyball team uniform

...also supported:

* Junior service trip airfare

* Fee for the instructors for Elementary Ski Day


We need a lot of volunteer in different areas:

* International food booth (setting up the booth, shopping, cooking, selling)

* Set up and clean up (setting the tables, decorating the booth, etc.)

* Donations for bake sale and sweets for Trick or Treat

* Raffle prize (ex: hotel/restaurant coupons, concert tickets, basket full of goodies, etc.)