Course Facilitation

Course Facilitation

In general, Instructor expectations include:

  • Spending, on the average, between 10-14 hours a week on course instruction.

  • Logging into course regularly (5 days per week) to perform tasks for effective online instruction.

  • Responding to students within 48 hours.

  • Grading assignments promptly.

  • Attending online annual teacher meetings (usually held in the summer) and participating in monthly online professional learning community sessions/events.

  • Meeting administrative deadlines on tasks such as:

    • Student Performance Email Notifications

    • Mid-quarter Progress Reports

    • Quarter/Semester/Year Grades/Comments

    • End-of-session Teacher Survey

    • Senior (or Graduating Student) Pass/Fail Notices (if applicable)

    • Online Course Review (if applicable)

  • Applying best practices for effective online instruction

    • Providing clear guidelines and policies regarding student-instructor communication

    • Promoting student-student cooperation and collaboration

    • Promoting active learning

    • Providing clear expectations

    • Providing prompt, specific and individualized feedback to promote understanding

    • Providing deadlines

    • Setting high expectations

    • Providing multiple forms of learning (written, aural, visual, manipulative, etc.)

  • Having access to high-speed Internet connection and computer with a currently supported operating system along with webcam capabilities

  • Being able to effectively use online tools such as email, forums, web editors, other emerging web tools, etc.

  • Being open to learning and applying emerging online instructional tools