Role and Expectations

Site Facilitator Role & Expectations


Your main responsibility as a School Site Facilitator is to facilitate the communication between students, parents, school and the E-School program.

You may need to:

  • Notify school staff, parents and students of the opportunity and benefits of E-School.
  • Speak with students in person at your school.
  • Work with your school counselors to determine if online learning is an appropriate learning opportunity for your students.
  • Facilitate communication between your students and their course instructor when experiencing issues within their course.
  • Facilitate communication between E-School and parents.
  • Follow up with students when contacted by the E-School Registrar or Online Learning Support Coordinator.
  • Work with your Advanced Placement Coordinator with regard to ordering, paying for, and administering Advanced Placement exams in accordance with College Board guidelines.


As a School Site Facilitator, you will also be responsible for registering students for E-School courses using the HVLN/E-School Registration Site: Please note that there have been some recent changes to the registration site in order to enhance the communication between students, parents, school, course instructor and the E-School staff.

These changes require a site facilitator to check or enter the following information:

  • Student email address
  • Indicate whether the student has an IEP/504
  • Indicate whether the school is aware of the E-School IEP/504 Support Policy
  • Indicate whether the student meets the technical requirements for E-School
  • Select why the student is taking an E-School course
  • At least one parent/guardian name.
  • At least one parent/guardian phone number.
  • A parent/guardian email address is optional, but highly recommended. This email address should be different from the student email address.

NOTE: Please do not use a Yahoo email address as mail from the Hawaii DOE gets filtered into Yahoo's Bulk Mail.


Registration for E-School courses will require students and their parent/guardian to fill out and sign an online E-School Student Agreement Form. By having students and parents sign this form, they are agreeing to act in accordance with E-School’s policies and requirements.

  • A link to the online Student Agreement Form will be provided in the registration confirmation email. Student and Parent/Guardian must complete the form and submit digitally. (Hard copies are not accepted.) The link in the registration confirmation email must be used in order to have the form correctly connected to the student.
  • You will be able to track whether the online form was submitted by checking the HVLN Registration site.


Effective school year 2016-2017, students will have up to 6 weeks after the start of the session to drop a course. For Year courses, this 6-week grace period occurs in the first semester only. Students of Year courses will not be allowed to drop classes during the second semester.

  • After 6 weeks, students may not drop the course. The student must remain in the course until the end of the session and receive the grade earned. Exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.
  • Exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis. If the exception is granted, the student will receive an "N" (no grade) on his/her transcript. This will not impact a student's grade point average.

Effective Spring 2017, as a School Site Facilitator, you will be able to drop your own students up until the final drop date of the session by logging into the HVLN Registration system. Please be sure you speak with the student and parent to confirm all parties are in agreement for the removal.

Instructions for Dropping Students Up Until the Final Drop Date:

  1. Login to the HVLN Registration system,
  2. Click on View Registrations
  3. Select the Session
  4. Find the Student
  5. Under the Status column, click on the word DROP
  6. Click Update Registration

A confirmation of the drop will be sent to you and the E-School Registrar who will manually enter the drop date in Infinite Campus.

Download: E-School Site Facilitator Calendar


Occasionally you may need to distribute course materials including textbooks, workbooks or CD's for students enrolled in an Advanced Placement E-School course. As a School Site Facilitator you will need to manage the distribution and collection of these materials.

Please be sure to:

  • Distribute the necessary course materials to students who need them.
  • Collect materials from students at the end of the session (or earlier if the student drops the course).
  • Make arrangements to promptly return these materials to the E-School office:

E-School - OCISS Annex

475 22nd Avenue

Suite 207

Honolulu, HI 96816

You may use this sample Resource Distribution Form (courtesy of Shelli Tottori from Roosevelt High School) to keep track of the items that you distribute to your students.

Download: Resource Distribution Form