Parent Role & Expectations

Parent Role & Expectations

Parent involvement in a child's education is consistently found to be positively associated with a child's academic performance (Topor et al., 2010).

EXPECTATIONS OF PARENTS: In general, the more the parents participate in a student’s learning, the more successful the student will be. You and your child should read the following expectations together and discuss them.

Enrollment in Hawaii Online Courses (HOC) does not in itself ensure success for your son or daughter. Students must accept responsibility for their own learning and development. They must have a desire to learn and be self-motivated and work diligently. HOC can only assist students in their efforts. A major factor for student success in online learning is parental involvement. Your support is critical in your child’s success.

Get Involved

  • Make sure your child understands the rigor of online courses.

  • Make sure your child has access to the technology needed for the online course.

  • Support all school rules and policies.

  • Become familiar with the material in this Handbook.

  • Take responsibility for your child by insisting that he / she complies with the regulations outlined.

  • Support the school when consequences are invoked for violation of school regulations.


  • Make sure your child logs into the online course daily.

  • If your child is unable to complete assignments due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact his / her teacher through email.

  • If your child will be traveling during the semester, please ensure that arrangements for coursework completion are agreed upon with the teacher ahead of time.

Academic Work and Progress

  • Show an interest in what your child is studying.

  • Provide a time and a quiet place for the completion of assignments.

  • Study and discuss progress reports and report cards with your child. If you have any questions, contact your child’s teacher or counselor for further information.


  • Contact the HOC Registrar for enrollment, registration, and student related concerns (Kammie Hayashibara,

  • Please email your child's HOC instructor for course related questions.

  • Contact your child’s School Site Facilitator or counselor at school if you have any questions regarding registration, withdrawal, and distribution of course materials (if applicable).

  • Stay informed by reading letters and other correspondence from school.

  • Provide a working email address where the school may contact you. Please, no Yahoo email addresses.