Welcome to E-School

You have made a great decision to experience this innovative method of online learning.

Colleges and the business community are already adopting this platform for delivering instruction and professional training, and your experience and familiarization with this learning model will greatly benefit you. After undergoing this online learning experience, you will find yourself utilizing these online learning skills and tools in almost every aspect of your life. Your E-School courses are full-fledged courses instructed by highly qualified Hawaii licensed teachers and may demand as much and sometimes even more work and dedication than the usual course in your school. Please give it your best and be patient with the ever present challenges that will be a part of such an innovative venture. This means you must commit yourself to exercise discipline and planning in order to succeed in these classes. We encourage you to jump in and experience this new way of learning with enthusiasm and energy!

Regular Registration for Spring 2019 begins November 20.

See your primary school counselor to sign up for classes!

To participate in E-School, there are certain policies that students are expected to abide by.

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