Here are some of the comments from our past E-School students.

This is what they said about the instructors:

“The instructor was very helpful. I have a lot of resources because it's online.”

“I liked being able to learn something that would be impossible through my own school. I liked being able to start from square one. Most teachers like to start things off thinking that their students have some sort of base knowledge.”

“It was easy to keep in touch with the instructor if I had questions.”

“Our instructor was always updating us of information such as deadlines. Our instructor always provided comments on our assignment for improvement.”

“The teacher answered questions that were asked through email the day that they were sent.”

“We were given reminders and updates to what was due. The teacher always replied to my emails and would check up on me when needed.”

“The instructor would offer help very frequently, showing that he cared about his students.”

“Instructor responded almost immediately to any of my questions”

“My instructor is highly responsive and always provides timely and useful feedback.”

“The instructor was very organized and fair.”

“I had an Awesome teacher!”

This is what they said about the courses:

“Easy friendly assignments that helped me understand the information better.”

“Easy to follow. Actually learned a lot.”

“Hands on games where we could practice and memorize Chinese.”

“I liked how on the discussion board we can comment on other students’ work.”

“I liked the use of a virtual classroom.”

“It was very informative. The activities were presented in different ways and formats.”

“We receive an adequate but not ridiculously large amount of homework, the content of which is always interesting and engaging.”

“I liked the fact that we were able to interact with others online and create a positive atmosphere where we were all simply trying to learn about health. I like how most of the information is displayed and was overall very easy to understand and access.”

This is what they said about the program:

“I liked being able to work at night, being able to do work online”

“I was able to meet classmates from other islands.”

“I liked the interaction with other students from different schools taking the same class”

“It gives students a chance to earn a credit early.”

“I liked being able to learn online and get ahead of everyone else.”

“I liked being able to work without the noise of classmates.”

“I’m retaking a course without losing an elective.”

“It gives me a chance to get a better grade.”

“I personally liked the fact that I was able to work at my own pace.”

“I liked the flexible schedule”

“It worked out well with my other obligations (I could do assignments on my own time before due date).”

“It made me a more organized student. It challenged me in ways I thought it would never.”

“Good student-teacher interaction”

“I felt I learned better than I would if I were learning this at school.”