Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

The Board of Education recognizes the District’s responsibility to maintain order and discipline on school property. The Board also desires to afford students and staff privacy in respect to the records maintained by the District. The Board recognizes the value of electronic surveillance systems in monitoring activity on school property in protecting the health, welfare and safety of its students and staff. The students and staff of the District recognize that their security and safety depends upon the capacity of the district to maintain discipline and that a certain amount of restraint upon the activities of students is assumed and expected.

The Board of Education having carefully weighed and balanced the rights of privacy of students and staff against the District’s duty to maintain order and discipline, finds that it is appropriate to provide for the use of video camera surveillance on school grounds as follows:

1. The District shall notify its students, staff and the public that video surveillance may occur on any school property or on any transportation vehicle. The District shall incorporate said notice, in such places as, but not limited to, in the student handbook, District calendar, staff handbook and District website;

2. The use of video surveillance equipment on school grounds and on other District property shall be supervised and controlled by the building administrator or other responsible administrator;

3. The use of video recordings from surveillance equipment shall be subject to the other policies of the District including policies concerning the confidentiality of student and personnel records;

4. Video surveillance shall only be used to promote the order, safety and security of students, staff and property.