Locks and Lockers

Locks and Lockers

All students are assigned a locker for the storage of books and personal items, and it is their responsibility to see that the locker is kept locked and in order at all times. Students are provided with a combination at the beginning of their freshman year.

The school is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items. Students are strongly encouraged to lock and secure all items stored in the school locker room during and after school.

The administration has the right to search a student's locker when there is a reasonable suspicion of danger to health and/or safety. This search may be conducted without a warrant or the student's permission. In the case of a police search of a student's locker, however, the search can be made only with the student's grant of permission to search, or a valid search warrant, or in connection with a valid arrest.

Valuables and Money

The school cannot, and will not, accept responsibility for money or valuables students have in their possession. School lockers are for storage of books and clothing and do not provide satisfactory protection against loss of valuables. Students are to keep valuables and large sums of money at home.