Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Parkinson's Disease Psychosis and the Marketing of Pimavanserin

International Journal of Social Determinants of Health and Health Services

Are New Alzheimer Drugs Better than Older Drugs

JAMA Internal Medicine

Evergreened drugs or evergreened profits?

Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 

Survey of opioid prescribing among dentists indicates need for more effective education regarding pain management

Journal of American Dental Association

This survey outlines dentists' beliefs regarding opioids. 

Pharmaceutical marketing: the example of drug samples

Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice

This article describes how drug samples are used as a promotional tool by the pharmaceutical industry. 

Challenging pharma: who cares?

Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin

Increase your Confidence in Opioid Prescribing: Marketing Messages in Continuing Medical Education Activities on ER/LA Opioids

Pain Physician 

A study that shows the industry-funded continuing education on opioids required by the FDA under a REMS misrepresents evidence and may increase, rather than decrease, opioid prescribing. 

Industry-funded medical education is always promotion

British Medical Journal

A Ray of Sunshine: Transparency in Physician-Industry Relationships Is Not Enough

Journal of General Internal Medicine

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act has not changed physician, consumer, or patient behavior and more must be done to address industry relationships in medicine

The Benefits and Risks of Adherence to Medical Therapy

Journal of Scientific Practice and Integrity

An exploration of the reasons for noncompliance to prescribed medication, its benefits and risks, and industry's stake in nonadherence

Changing Pharmaceutical Industry Interaction in US Family Medicine Residencies: A CERA Study

Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Interactions between pharmaceutical companies and US family residency programs decreased between 2008 and 2019. The first 2008 study was conducted by PharmedOut interns!  

Pharmaceutical Ethics and Grassroots Activism in the United States: A Social History Perspective

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry

An examination of public health activism in the Progressive Era, the postwar era and the present day.

Marketing Messages in Continuing Medical Education (CME) Modules on Binge-Eating Disorder (BED)

Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Marketing messages in continuing medical education promote drugs used to treat binge-eating disorder and underplay their risks. 

Continuing Medical Education and the Marketing of Fentanyl for Breakthrough Pain: Marketing Messages in an Industry‐Funded CME Module on Breakthrough Pain

World Medical & Health Policy

A study on marketing messages in continuing medical education on fentanyl products.

How drug companies manipulate prescribing behavior

Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology

Discussion of common pharmaceutical industry tactics, from sales reps to CME to key opinion leaders, all to sway prescribers' opinions and therapeutic decisions.  

Influence of pharmaceutical marketing on Medicare prescriptions in the District of Columbia 


How industry payments influence physicians.

Testosterone and sexual function 

Current Opinion in Urology

A review on testosterone treatment for sexual function.

Treating Aging with Testosterone 

American Family Physician

An editorial on on whether physicians should use testosterone to treat aging in men.

Pharmacist-industry relationships


Documenting the diverse interactions between pharmacists and the pharmaceutical industry.

Direct-to-consumer Marketing to People with Hemophilia 

PLOS Medicine

Exposing the relationships that drug manufacturers have with hemophiliac patients and their families.

Salespeople in the Surgical Suite: Relationships between Surgeons and Medical Device Representatives 


Why is a device rep in the OR and what does it mean for patient care?

Treatment of Men for 'Low Testosterone': A Systematic Review 


A comprehensive review that exposes Testosterone's questionable therapeutic benefits.

Taking Sides: Should Ob/Gyns Prescribe Flibanserin for their Patients?

Contemporary Ob/Gyn

Saying no to this dangerous drug.

Advise Against Flibanserin 

American Journal of Nursing

An explanation of all the context nurses should need to actively recommend against Addyi.

CME Stands for Commercial Medical Education: and ACCME Still Won’t Address the Issue 

Journal of Medical Ethics

Challenging the ACCME to face the relationship between industry and education.

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Inventing a Disease to Sell Low Libido

Journal of Medical Ethics

Exploring how Big Pharma created HSDD to create a disease.

Should Family Physicians Screen for Testosterone Deficiency in Men?

American Family Physician

Dr. Fugh-Berman says No: Screening may be harmful, and benefits are unproven.

Pharmaceutical Industry Interactions in Family Medicine Residencies Decreased Between 2008 and 2013: a CERA Study

Family Medicine

A study that explores pharma influence on family medicine programs.

Physicians under the Influence: Social Psychology and Industry Marketing Strategies

The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies apply social psychology to subconsciously influence physicians’ prescribing behavior and decision-making.

How Basic Scientists Help the Pharmaceutical Industry Market Drugs

PLOS Biology

Addresses the presence of pharma influence in biomedical research.

Promoting to Everyone, Focusing on No One: The Illogical Promotion of the Influenza Vaccine

World Medical & Health Policy

The “everyone is at risk” message associated with universal influenza vaccination could undermine effective influenza prevention efforts.

Ethics and Eplerenone

Journal of Medical Ethics

Argues that a placebo-controlled trial is unethical when a comparator that can reasonably be expected to be effective is available

Promotional Tone in Reviews of Menopausal Hormone Therapy After the Women’s Health Initiative: An Analysis of Published Articles

PLoS Medicine

Why Lunch Matters 

The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions

Assessing physicians’ perceptions about industry relationships

Do New Drugs Increase Life Expectancy?

Journal of General Internal Medicine

A critique of a Manhattan Institute paper

The Haunting of Medical Journals

PLoS Medicine

How Ghostwriting Sold “HRT”

Ethical Considerations of Publication Planning in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Open Medicine

How industry uses medical writers to manipulate the medical literature

Off-Label Promotion, On-Target Sales

Public Library of Science

The covert promotion of drugs for unapproved uses

Thus Are Our Medical Meetings Managed (also read letter here)

British Medical Journal

Key opinion leaders may be unaware of pharma influence

Prescription Tracking and Public Health

Journal of General Internal Medicine

Why the AMA’s opt-out plan does not protect prescribing privacy

Following the Script: How Drug Reps Make Friends and Influence Doctors

Public Library of Science

Psychological techniques reps use to sell drugs

Doctors Must Not be Lapdogs to Drug Firms

British Medical Journal

Drug reps stomp out of a talk about industry influence

“This May Sting a Bit”: Cutting CME’s Ties to Pharma

Virtual Mentor

CME should go pharma-free

Advertising in Medical Journals: Should Current Practices Change? 

PLoS Medicine

Taking ads for luxury goods would be less compromising to medical journals than accepting only drug ads

Gynecologists and Estrogen: An Affair of the Heart

Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

Ob-gyns believe in HT despite evidence