Recent Journal Articles

Survey of opioid prescribing among dentists indicates need for more effective education regarding pain management

Journal of American Dental Association

This survey outlines dentists' beliefs regarding opioids.

Increase your Confidence in Opioid Prescribing: Marketing Messages in Continuing Medical Education Activities on ER/LA Opioids

Pain Physician

A study that shows the industry-funded continuing education on opioids required by the FDA under a REMS misrepresents evidence and may increase, rather than decrease, opioid prescribing.

Industry-funded medical education is always promotion

British Medical Journal

A Ray of Sunshine: Transparency in Physician-Industry Relationships Is Not Enough

Journal of General Internal Medicine

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act has not changed physician, consumer, or patient behavior and more must be done to address industry relationships in medicine.

The Benefits and Risks of Adherence to Medical Therapy

Journal of Scientific Practice and Integrity

An exploration of the reasons for noncompliance to prescribed medication, its benefits and risks, and industry's stake in nonadherence.

Changing Pharmaceutical Industry Interaction in US Family Medicine Residencies: A CERA Study

Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Interactions between pharmaceutical companies and US family residency programs decreased between 2008 and 2019. The first 2008 study was conducted by PharmedOut interns.

Pharmaceutical Ethics and Grassroots Activism in the United States: A Social History Perspective

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry

An examination of public health activism in the Progressive Era, the postwar era and the present day.

Marketing Messages in Continuing Medical Education (CME) Modules on Binge-Eating Disorder (BED)

Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Marketing messages in continuing medical education promote drugs used to treat binge-eating disorder and underplay their risks.

Continuing Medical Education and the Marketing of Fentanyl for Breakthrough Pain: Marketing Messages in an Industry‐Funded CME Module on Breakthrough Pain

World Medical & Health Policy

A study on marketing messages in continuing medical education on fentanyl products.