2016 Newsletters

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  • Fodder: RxFiles: Staying Up to Date

  • Fodder: RxFiles

  • Fodder: FDA Caves to Patient Pressure

  • Fodder: RxFiles

  • Fodder: Salespeople in the Surgical Suite

  • Fodder: Blood Money: Pharma targets people with hemophilia

  • Fodder: Pharma Backed Co-Pay Charities

  • Fodder: Pharma Should Invest in Take-Back Programs

  • Fodder: ProPublica Proves Why Lunch, and Other Gifts, Matter

  • Fodder: Problems with Clinical Trials

  • Fodder: Pharma's Role in the Opioid Crisis

  • Fodder: Unethical Trials on Unethically Long Shifts