About Us


PharmedOut is a GUMC project that promotes evidence-based prescribing, educates health care professionals about pharmaceutical and medical device marketing practices, and provides access to unbiased information about therapeutics.

Our goals are to:

We provide access to free, web-based, pharma-free CME — enough for any physician in the U.S. to fulfill annual CME requirements without taking industry-funded courses. Here are links to more than 200 more credits of web-based, free, pharma-free CME.

We provide news, information, and resources, including our own slideshows, videos, and other audio-visual material, reading recommendations, resources for unbiased drug information, factsheets, and tools for teaching — including the popular Drug Ad Bingo.

Annual Reports:

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2023 Making Healthy People Sick: Invented Diseases and Overtreatment

2021 Cutting the Cord: Curtailing Commercial Influence on Healthcare

2019 Opioids: Conflicts & Controversies

2019 Conference DVDs can be ordered here while supplies last.