2019 News

PharmedOut In the News - 2019

December 2019

  • December 6: The Washington Post released a documentary and companion article on the opioid epidemic and the immense corporate marketing push behind it. Dr. Fugh-Berman appears at the 2:33 minute mark commenting on how industry persuaded physicians to prescribe opioids.
  • PharmedOut's latest conference, "Opioids: Conflicts and Controversies," was highlighted in Georgetown Medicine Magazine's Fall/Winter 2019 issue. "A key part of the tragedy of the opioid epidemic is that physicians participated unwittingly in creating it," Dr. Fugh-Berman told the magazine. If you missed our conference, you can find select speakers' slides on our website.

November 2019

  • November 21: Dr. Fugh-Berman also spoke to Science Magazine about the way that the NIH loan repayment program effectively functions as a subsidy for biased industry research.

October 2019

  • Dr. Fugh-Berman spoke about international promotion of opioids at the International Society of Drug Bulletins at Prescrire's offices in Paris.

August 2019

  • August 22: Dr. Fugh-Berman was quoted in a BMJ article by Tim Schwab on the influence of Big Pharma on the federal government, particularly the industry ties of Victor Dzau, the head of the National Academy of Medicine.
  • August 15: Dr. Fugh-Berman was an expert witness on deceptive marketing tactics used by Johnson & Johnson to sell pelvic mesh devices that caused vaginal injuries and chronic pain in women, covered in the Northern California Record.
  • August 15: “It’s not charity, it’s cheating.” The Economist quoted Dr. Fugh-Berman on how pharmaceutical companies use co-pay charities to profit from their own drugs.
  • August 5: Dr. Fugh-Berman was quoted in Global News on how drug reps use tactics to manipulate physicians.

June 2019

  • June 21: Dr. Fugh-Berman was quoted in the New York Times on Vyleesi, a new drug for hypoactive sexual desire disorder that isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  • June 5: Dr. Fugh-Berman was quoted in AP on how libido boosting drugs are sold via telemedicine—and why that's a problem.
  • June 5: Dr. Fugh-Berman was interviewed for Mad in America on how industry-funded CME impacts medicine.
  • June 2: Dr. Fugh-Berman talks about medical devices on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in a clip from the Netflix documentary, The Bleeding Edge.

May 2019

  • Dr. Fugh-Berman was quoted in STAT News on a doctor skeptical of opioid tapering; in the Palm Beach Post on a pharmaceutical company CEO charged with racketeering; in Pacific Standard on the closure of a pharma-funded patient advocacy group; and in HealthNewsReview on the misleading messaging around "first" treatments in healthcare, like brexanolone for postpartum depression.

April 2019

  • April 9: Dr. Fugh-Berman was quoted in STAT News on how Sackler gifts to Tuft's School of Medicine influenced curriculum.

March 2019

  • March 26: Dr. Fugh-Berman was quoted in PBS NewsHour on Purdue Pharmaceuticals paying a $270 million settlement to the state of Oklahoma, and what that means for the opioid epidemic.
  • March 26: Dr. Fugh-Berman was also profiled on Slate's podcast Working, discussing her career trajectory from writer/activist to academic physician-slash-activist.
  • March 24: Our project manager Sophie Krensky and research intern Olivia Shannon penned the first critical article brexanolone, the first FDA-approved drug for postpartum depression, in the Women's Health Activist. Their article was also quoted in the New York Times.

January 2019

  • January 14: In Consumer Reports Dr. Fugh-Berman reflected on increased costs for direct-to-consumer advertising.
  • January 7: She was also quoted in MedPage Today on pseudobulbar affect, a rare disorder, getting the diagnostic creep treatment ("diagnostic creep": widening disease definitions so more people get diagnosed and prescribed treatments). Pseudobulbar affect is one of our favorites here at the PharmedOut office; see if you might need to talk to your doctor about PBA with this quiz in which you rate such statements as "I find that I am easily overcome by laughter."
  • January 3: Dr. Fugh-Berman was quoted in Medical Marketing and Media on why pharma-sponsored paid speaking engagement is actually a high yield marketing tactic.