2020 Newsletter


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  • Fodder: McKinsey Proposed What to Purdue?

  • Fodder: Purdue's Most Successful Strategy No One Is Talking About

  • Fodder: Industry's Influence on Pain Patients' Advocacy

  • Fodder: The UK's Take on the Treatment of Chronic Primary Pain

  • Fodder: Yet Another Industry-Friendly Platform for Opioid Promotion

  • Fodder: Will the CDC Opioid Guideline Update be Informed by Scientific Evidence or Narrative?

  • Fodder: Asking About Pain Tolerance Could Lead to Fewer Opioid Prescriptions

  • Fodder: Triplicate States and Opioid Prescribing

  • Fodder: Fact or Fiction? How Opioid Misinformation Continues Online

  • Fodder: We Know About Opioids, but Where Else Are Pharma Payments Going?

  • Fodder: The Trouble with Tramadol

  • Fodder: Story vs. Anti-Story in Opioid Marketing