Professional Learning

Professional Learning Vision Statement

We believe that effective educators create a positive culture for learning and continuous growth to close the achievement gap.

In order to serve our educational community and cultivate educator effectiveness we:

*Create an excitement for professional learning*

*Model professional collaboration*

*Provide personalized learning experiences*

*Implement a high-quality induction program*

*Commit to system initiatives*

*Strengthen our work with Institutes of Higher Education*


“We grow and empower educators to positively impact each and every student.”

Meet the Professional Learning Team

✉ Amy Struntz


☎ 240-236-8828

✉Courtney Kelly

Teacher Specialist

☎ 240-236-8826

✉Phyllis Younkins

Teacher Specialist

☎ 240-236-8827

✉Adam Farbman

Teacher Specialist

☎ 240-236-8829

✉ Tammy Sander

Teacher Specialist

☎ 240-236-8833

✉ Jody Vanderlinden

Administrative Secretary

☎ 240-236-8831

✉ Angi Strahl

Technology & User Support

☎ 240-236-8837

✉ Yeseny Rickerson

Lead Custodian

☎ 240-236-8859

James Bishop


☎ 240-236-8859