A message from the Creator of Enterprise LEADER:

At the start of 2020, the world changed. Your world changed. Your business changed -- foverever.

What used to be the 'norm' isn't anymore.

The boat has been well and truly rocked! Some boats have sunk already.

Will you be next?

Your greatest chance of success is if you embrace entrepreneurial thinking.

This is a time to get back to basics... to focus on what really matters: customers and cash.

This is a time to adapt... respond faster to change... to be innovative and creative... to be entrepreneurial.

It was entrepreneurial thinking which started your company in the first place, and it will be entrepreneurial thinking which will get you through these extraordinary times.

But not everybody in your company thinks entrepreneurially. Not everybody is able to adapt and change.

This is where Enterprsie LEADER comes in...

Enterprise LEADER can help develop entrepreneurial thinking in your people and teams. It can help ingnite and entrepreneurial spirit in your entire company.

Using a series of short 'podcasts' which your team members can listen to on their smartphones (or computer) at a time and place which suits them, employees will learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurial thinking in a company/corporate environment.

We're not looking to turn your employees into entrepreneurs who go off to start their own business... but we do want to help employees become 'enterprise leaders' -- or enterprising individuals. These are people who are 'enterprising', 'customer focused', 'commercial' who will help you come through to the other side of this pandemic.

Once team members have listened to the 'pods' we suggest you (or another team manager/leader) get your team together over Zoom/Skype/Meet and talk about what each person learnt in the pods and how that learning applies to your company. To help you, you'll have an online workbook (and facilitator's guide) to make the learning 100% relevant to your company.

Is this the right time to be thinking about developing you people and teams in entrepreneurial thinking? We think so. In fact, we believe entrepreneurial thinking will be single most important trait you'll need to get you through these times, and come out on top the other side.

To help you make the decision as to whether Enterprsie LEADER is right for you, we have made the entire MP3 program available online for you to evaluate. Take your time to listen to the program, discuss with your colleagues and consider the value Enterprise LEADER can bring to your organisation.

To access Enterprise LEADER, simply >> Start here.

If you think it is right for you, we ask you to buy a full licence for your team or company -- at the price you deem right for your organisation.