Step 1: Listen to the 'Pods'

At the heart of Enterprise LEADER are a series of 21 short podcasts. You can listen to these straight through, or a pod a day, a week, or whatever works best for you.

The pods are split into three sections.

  • Section 1: Customers

  • Section 2: Teams

  • Section 3: Personal Leadership

Each pod peels back the layers of 'entrepreneurial/enterprising thinking' in a company environment and then starts to instill that thinking into the listener.

If you are evaluating Enterprise LEADER for your own team or organisation, you should listen to the whole program yourself first before introducing it to your team or company -- at which time you'll need a full licence.

But first, listen the pods.

You can access all 21 of them -- in their entirety -- here by clicking on the links below:

Sessions 1 to 5: CUSTOMER - (THEY BELIEVE)

Sessions 6 to 10: TEAM - (WE BELIEVE)