A message from the Creator of Enterprise LEADER:

"You choose the price you pay!"

If you think Enterprise LEADER will deliver value for your team or company, I ask you to buy a full licence (please contact me to arrange a full licence).

"I know every company is different and so the value of Enterprise LEADER is different for every business.

For that reason, YOU SET THE PRICE WHICH IS RIGHT FOR YOU, your team and your company."

You know what your budget is and you know what feels right to pay for leadership and team development. You'll know also what value Enterprise LEADER can bring to your organisation.

All I ask when you set your price is that you consider the size and structure of your organisation and the number of people using Enterprise LEADER.

For some companies, the right price may be hundreds of Pounds/Dollars/Euros -- for another, it may be thousands, or another it may be many tens of thousands. Enterprise LEADER has sold at all of these price points to companies ranging from 5 employees to many thousands of employees.

'£150 per user' is a good starting point for your own pricing calculations. From there, you'll be able to calculate what is the right and fair price for your size of organisation and number of users. The more users, the bigger the discounted 'per user' price.

If you do use Enterprise LEADER for more than you own personal use or evaluation purposes, please contact me to purchase a commercial license -- but you set the price which is right for you and your company!

Richard Parkes Cordock - Creator of Enterprise Leader.