Sessions 11-20: Focus on PERSONAL LEADERSHIP (I BELIEVE)

Session 11: Half-Way Review and Introduction To Personal Leadership

For the remainder of the programme, you will learn the subject of personal leaders (or I BELIEVE). In order to lead others, leaders must first lead themselves. Discover today the principles of personal leadership and how you are ultimately responsible for the results you deliver.

Session 12: How To Develop Unshakable Confidence & Self Belief

Today you will learn the first principle of I BELIEVE. The ‘I’ stands for I believe in myself. Without rock solid self-belief and confidence in yourself and your company, you will not be able to inspire others to believe in you. Business is all about belief, and at a personal level, this is where it all starts.

Session 13: The Unstoppable Twin Force of Passion & Desire

Success in business comes from being passionate and obsessive! Discover today the need for you to love what you do and have a burning desire to do it. For you to succeed as an Enterprise Leader – you must be PASSIONATE with a BURNING DESIRE to reach your goals.

Session 14: How To Eliminate Your Fears, Doubts and Limiting Beliefs

As an Enterprise Leader it is essential that you conquer your fears and limiting beliefs and step outside your comfort zone. Discover today the techniques you can use right now to extend your comfort zone and continue to grow as an Enterprise Leader.

Session 15: How To Create Endless Opportunity and Make Luck Work For You

Your success as an Enterprise Leader will not be dependent on luck. It WILL be dependent on you creating and acting upon opportunity and your ability to have total integrity with yourself and others. Discover today that ‘Lies and Luck Don’t Work’ – and learn what really does work!

Session 16: How To Achieve Extraordinary Results Through The Power of Goals

Having a clear purpose and goal for what you desire is critical as an Enterprise Leader. Whether you are leading yourself or a team – the clarity of your goals will determine your success. Learn today the value of Installing Goals.

Session 17: The 5 Advance Payments You Must Make To Reach Your Goals

Success as an Enterprise Leader requires hard work, self-discipline and sacrifice. It requires energy and urgency. Learn today the cost of being a successful Enterprise Leader.

Session 18: How To Achieve Any Goal You Set For Yourself

Success in business can be a constant uphill struggle. Understanding that the difference between success and failure is mostly due to persistence will set you on your own path to success. Learn today that persistence, tenacity and the refusal to accept no for an answer is the secret tool of winners.

Session 19: Why Experiencing Failure Is Essential for You To Succeed!

There can be no success without first experiencing failure. Success and failure go hand-in-hand and it is only from failure that we can ultimately experience success. Discover today how essential it is to see failure as a positive and to look for the sea of opportunity that comes from each setback.

Session 20: Your Role as an Enterprise Leader

With 4 weeks of learning and professional development behind you, today you will complete the course with a final review of the principles of I BELIEVE, WE BELIEVE and THEY BELIEVE and understand your role as an Enterprise Leader.