Sessions 1-5: Focus on the CUSTOMER (They Believe)

Session 1: Growth Through innovation, Creativity and Change - 19min : 14sec

Discover today that ALL companies must be entrepreneurial, creative and innovative in their thinking. In a world that rapidly changes and does not stand still, having creative ideas focused on the customer (and the ability to execute them) can be the difference between success and failure.

Session 2: Gaining New Customers Through 'Word of Mouth Marketing' - 18min : 26sec

Business is ultimately about sales and the ability to persuade NEW customers to buy your products and services. Entrepreneurs have strong commercial skills and understand their part in creating and selling products and services in which NEW customers can BELIEVE. Discover today the strategies that entreprenerus adopt to ensure they contribute to generating new business.

Session 3: How To Maximise The Life-Time Value of Your Customers - 15min : 02sec

With the high cost of acquiring new customers, it is vital that you maximise the life time value of an existing customer. Entrepreneurs understand the need to ‘love and value’ their current customers and explore ways to sell new products and services to them. Learn today the strategies and techniques they use.

Session 4: Why Everybody In Your Company Must Be A Salesperson - 15min : 51sec

Ultimately, business is about selling. Although not everybody in the company has direct responsibility for sales, everybody in the company must be able to clearly articulate the company's proposition. Learn today how to make sure your customers BELIEVE.

Session 5: The Six Fundamentals of Business That You Must Master - 34min : 08sec

There are timeless, repeatable and consistent fundamentals rules of business which all employees must understand. Discover today the commerical principles which ALL successful entrepreneurs run their companies by.