10 Point Summary

1. Leadership Development Program

Enterprise LEADER is a smartphone based leadership development program.

2. Instills Entrepreneurial Thinking

Instills entrepreneurial thinking into your employees, managers and leaders. Entrepreneurial thinking helps keep your company relevant, competitive and ultimately profitable.

3. Created Using NLP Modelling

Enterprise LEADER was developed by modelling 50+ successful entrepreneurs and business leaders and uses the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) to reprogram a new way of thinking into employees.

4. Blended Learning

The program has three core elements to it.

  • 20 x MP3 audio sessions

  • Workbook summaries and exercises

  • Coaching and Facilitation

5. Smartphone Based + Workbook

Participants listen to the audio sessions (on their smartphones, MP3 players or PCs) at a time and place which suites them. They also review the workbook summaries and complete the workbook exercises.

6. Group Sessions

On a regular basis, participants meet in small groups to discuss the ideas presented in the program and apply the learning back to their own work and personal circumstances. Typically a group has between 2 and 10 people in it, and meets 4 to 5 times.

7. Facilitator Led

A group usually has a facilitator or leader. This can be in internal person (such as a manager/leader) or an external business coach -- either on-site or via Skype. The facilitator/coach helps keeps participants on track and accountable. Often the internal facilitator will be a manager or executive who wants to develop their own team using Enterprise LEADER.

8. Highly Flexible Approach

Enterprise LEADER is highly flexible in how it is experienced. It can be experienced over 20 days, 20 weeks or any timeframe in between which suites you.

9. Three Core Themes

The content of Enterprise LEADER is broken up into three core themes: Customers, Teams and Personal Leadership. These are the areas all successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial business teams excel in.

10. Rich Engaging Content

In the audio MP3 sessions, participants will hear the story of Amroze Technology, a company which has fallen on hard times and become irrelevant and uncompetitive -- but turned itself around by instilling entrepreneurial thinking it its employees, managers and leaders.

Companies use Enterprise LEADER to:

  • Drive change

  • Become more relevant, competitive and profitable

  • Improve communication

  • Align teams behind the goals and vision of the company/department

  • Make team members more accountable and take more ownership

  • Become more customer focused

  • Create a growth focused entrepreneurial environment

  • Improve performance and results

Whether it's learning the core fundamental principles of business and leadership for the first time, or keeping yourself fresh and reminding yourself of what's important, the need for ongoing professional development as a manager is ever present.