Why it Works

There are many reasons Enterprise LEADER works for improving performance and results.

Here are just 5 of them:

1. Focuses 100% on your business.

Enterprise LEADER was built from the ground up to work in a business environment. It gets your entire team focused on your business, your customers, your goals. It improves communication and collaboration and gets team members talking about what is happening in your own company.

2. Uses a combination of ‘out of the room learning’ and ‘in the room discussion’.

Team members first experience the ‘learning’ element of the program by listening to a series of 20 MP3 audio sessions and completing workbook exercises. Next, they meet as a group to discuss the ‘learning element’ and apply the learning back to their own business, department or team. This proven two-pronged approach helps keep the program fun, engaging, interesting and relevant.

3. Uses a ‘story based’ learning approach.

The 20 MP3 audio development sessions tell the story of Amroze Technology, a company which has recently gone on to achieve extraordinary by exploring three core entrepreneurial themes of customers, teams and personal leadership. With the help of mentors Lucy, Tom, Michael, Stephen and Charlie, your team will learn from Amroze Technology, and apply that learning to your own company, department or team.

4. Highly scalable for small teams through to large companies.

Enterprise LEADER is a highly scalable program, working just as well with small teams of five people, through to larger organisations with many hundreds or even thousands of employees.

5. Highly flexible methodology

Enterprise LEADER uses a highly flexible methodology. You can choose the pace which suits you (20 days, 20 weeks, 20 months, or whatever suits you and your team).

More reasons...

Built from the ground up with the help of entrepreneurs and business leaders, Enterprise LEADER instills a new way of thinking into teams which is consistent with all high performing entrepreneurial companies.