an interactive workbook for learners of German (A1)

ideal for use on laptops and desktops

Welcome to anyone4german!

anyone4german is an interactive workbook for learners of German. It is an Open Educational Resource which is constantly being expanded and updated.

The activities are structured according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages and were created by Dagmar Fischer, Lecturer in German, at Technological University Dublin.

They go beyond simple multiple-choice and matching exercises and offer you as much support as possible.

Cultural information about Germany is - wherever possible - included in the activities and not presented as an add-on. The grammar explanations are geared towards the various levels to avoid cognitive overload.

At the moment, anyone4german contains about 400 activities at level A1 Lower (25 per cent of which have an audio component) which are suitable for beginners and people with a rudimentary knowledge of German.

Materials for level A1 Higher, A2, B1, B2 and a section on Business German will follow at a later stage.

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