A1 (Higher) [Post-Beginners]

Level A1 (Higher) is suited for people with a basic knowledge of German.  

In the section Words, Terms & Phrases you will be able to increase your vocabulary. 

Nuts & Bolts of German deals with how the German language works. You will get to know more building instructions for putting the German words together to form proper sentences. 

Both sections are organised alphabetically. There is a progression within each subsection, i.e. the first activity  in each subsection will be the easiest.

Let's listen carefully contains a number of phonetic activities.

Grammar A to Z  gives you an overview of the grammatical topics which are covered at A1 (Higher).

The activities which are marked with an asterisk after the word [Audio] are pure aural activities, i.e. you will have to listen to the audio file to solve the tasks. The other activities marked with the word [Audio] allow you to check your answers by listening to the sound file.