Occupational ExpansionSkills


Occupational ExpansionSkills


Upper Secondary Level

Levels of Learning Standard

1. To acquire knowledge and understandingas well as skills on occupational expansion for creatingbasic knowledge onstability of production and marketing process including the application of appropriate technology and innovation through biodiversity and local wisdom.

2. To acquire knowledge and skills in planning and initiating project plan for the expansion of occupationalbusiness and be ready for market competition according to the stability of the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

Expected Learning Outcomes

1. Be able to identify various skills concerning production processes and marketing whichapply innovative technology in the selected occupational expansion.

2. Be able to verify the readiness system in making a stability of occupational expansion.

3. Be able to analyze self habit and capacities in developing occupational expansion skills.

4. Be able to explain the meanings and significance of skills management for occupational expansion.

5. Be able to develop and improve business plan on production management or marketing services management according to the concept or Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy.

6. Be able to examine the business system for occupational expansion.

7. Be able to mobilize the operations plan for occupational expansion.

Chapter 1 Skills Relating Occupational Expansion

Chapter 2 Verifying the Constancy System of Preparedness for Occupational Development

Chapter 3 Self Development for Occupational Expansion

Chapter 4 Meanings and significances of occupational expansion

Chapter 5 Basic knowledge on management and administration of occupational expansion

Chapter 6 Applying the concept of sufficiency economy into practices in development of occupational expansion

Chapter 7 Mobilizing business for expanding occupation

Chapter 8 Occupational expansion projects