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Spring 2019 semester (regular/full session)

Registration by Appointment: Nov 5-16

Open enrollment: Nov 19 - January 15

Last Day to Wait List: January 15

Classes meet: January 16 - May 3

Class Permission last date: January 30

Mid Term Evaluation Rosters:

      1. Available: February 18
      2. Due: March 18

Spring Break: March 11 -15

Drop a class, last day: April 3

Final exams: May 6 - May 10

Grades Due: May 15 by 11:59PM


MED Term: 01/02 -04/26/2019

Grades Due: May 01

PHAR Term: 01/14 -05/17/2019

Grades Due: May 22

Summer 2019 semester (regular/full session)

Open enrollment: March 4

May Session start: May 13

1st 7 Weeks Session start: May 13

Summer Session I start: June 10

2nd 7 Weeks Session start: June 25

Summer Session II start: July 1

Grades Due: 3 business days after the scheduled official class end date.

End of Summer term: August 16

Fall 2019 semester (regular/full session)

Registration by Appntmnt: April 1-12

Open enrollment: April 15 - August 25

Last Day to Wait List: August 25

Classes meet: August 26- December 6

Class Permission last date: Sept 10

Mid Term Evaluation Rosters:

      1. Available: October 1
      2. Due: October 22

Fall Break: October 25 & 26

Drop a class, last day: Nov 6

Final exams: Dec 9 - December 13

Grades Due: December 18 by 11:59 PM


2018-2019 UMD Academic Calendar Registration Guide, policies, procedures, etc.
2018-2019 Registration Policies & Procedures Guide
CITS Course Deadlines 2018-2019

2018-2019 Final Exam Information (Term Code: 1189 = fall, 1193 = spring, & 1185 = summer 2018)

Master List of Final Exams - Spring 2019 (click here) (updated 2/26/2019)

Use the [ ] to open or select: this link (click here) to access the 2018-2019 Final Exam Schedule plan

Final Exam Schedule 2017-2018

Exam Scheduling:

The class final exam will be scheduled on one of the class meeting days, in the same room, at about the same time with accommodation for things such as Common Exams (multiple classes and 1 exam), makeup exam times, etc.

What are Common Exams?

Common exams are made available if a course has multiple classes (sections) and more then one class will meet at the same time to take the same exam. Ask your associate dean before the start of the term for this accommodation.

Guides - Need to Know information for instructors & Faculty Academic Advisors

Students' Pronouns & Class Roster Guide: MyU Faculty Center
Students' Pronouns Faculty Advisors' Guide: MyU Advisor Center & APLUS

Guides - Semester Start

Checklist: Start UMD semester OTR
Class Roster Guide: MyU Faculty Center
Class Permissions Guide: MyU Faculty Center UMD OTR

Guides - Grading & Semester End

Grading Mid-Term Guide: MyU Faculty Center fall 2017
Grading Guide: MyU Faculty Center
Grade Change Guide: MyU Faculty Center fall 2017
ROTC Grading Guide: MyU Faculty Center

Guide: Articulation Agreements

All Institutional Agreements domestic or international must be reviewed and approved by the Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs in order for it to be considered official.

Dual Degree Programs and Liberal Education - UMD Policy effective November 1, 2018 (link) (PDF)

Process Map for Articulation Agreements (PMAP)

UMD's Domestic Transfer Agreement template

UMD's Institutional Agreements, domestic and international (link)

Guide: Academic Policy

Incomplete Grade Guidance:

Q. Can a student take my class again next term without enrolling? A: No, not allowed per Board of Regents and in accordance with the UMN contract with the U.S. Department of Education and our ability to assist students in obtaining Federal Financial Aid.

Q. How much of my class does the student have to complete? A: Up to the faculty discretion, but a significant portion of the class must be complete in order for an Incomplete contract to be considered.

Students must be enrolled in their are receiving academic instruction:

UMD incomplete contract: http://d.umn.edu/sites/champ.d.umn.edu/files/incomplete_grade_form.pdf