High School

Certified Teachers

English Language Arts

Anne Elliott

Let me start by thanking the Stebbins' locals for welcoming me to their beautiful village! Everyone has been incredibly kind since I arrived. I am thrilled to be joining your educational staff and want to learn as much as possible about your community. Thank you for having me.

My name is Anne Elliott, and I will be Stebbin's new high school English teacher for the next three months. I am originally from Ketchikan, Alaska, but have spent the last sixteen years teaching all over the world. I have an MA from Columbia University in English Education and have taught in California, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Arizona, and Alaska. I look forward to incorporating my past teaching practices here in Stebbins!

I am a very adventurous, open-minded, and compassionate person who enjoys meeting new people, playing basketball, and reading, writing, and teaching. I hope these traits serve me well while I am here. Please feel free to stop by my classroom with any questions or concerns. I am here to encourage young people to become the adults they wish to be.

Industrial Arts

Andrew Larsen

My name is Andrew Larsen. I live in Yakutat Alaska. I have been teaching in Alaska for 14 years. I graduated from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor in Science degree in Education.

I hold minors also in Art and Biology, and I have also worked many years in small engine and automotive industry.

I am excited to start my fifth year in Stebbins teaching woods, welding, and fabrication lab. I have had a very positive experience in Stebbins with the students, parents and staff. I also have enjoyed the hunting and outdoors and being able to be a part of the rich culture in Stebbins.


Sisa Paje

My name is Sisa Duero Paje, and I'm thrilled to say this will be my 19th year of teaching. I grew up in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan and a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Professional Education from the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines. I also took up some units in Masters of Science in Teaching Mathematics.

I am happily married and blessed with three wonderful boys. Yup, all boys! ;)

I enjoy playing soccer, volleyball, and other sport activities. I also love working out, dancing, jogging, exploring the outdoors, cooking, baking, listening to music, watching movies, playing board games, reading, and spending time with my family.

Quyana! I’m glad to be a part of this team. This year and the coming years will be one great adventure for me because I get to experience a different culture and meet wonderful people in the Stebbins community. Go Grizzlies!


Demetrios Pantelis

Hello! My name is Demetri Pantelis and I am from New York State, in a town just north of New York City. After graduating from the University at Buffalo and working for a few years in banking and accounting in the city, I realized my favorite part of work was training and teaching others. With my wife, Sophia, who shared a love of exploring and learning about the world, I began teaching and traveling in many wonderful places.

I have two children, Lucas and Demi, who have enjoyed living in Boston, Abu Dhabi, Brunei, and most recently, Kuwait. Since we could not go to Greece this summer, where my family has its roots, we returned to New York to quarantine for this past summer. Now we are so excited to find ourselves in The Last Frontier. We all can’t wait to start school and be a part of the community.

I have a passion for history, a subject I have taught before, and drive my wife crazy when I need to read every plaque and sign we pass. I also enjoy playing indoor sports like basketball, floor hockey and recently futsal. Now that we are in Alaska, I hope to finally learn how to hunt and fish.

Social Science

Beth Jeffcoat

Hello, my name is Beth Jeffcoat and I will be teaching Social Studies. I worked for 20 years in Kissimmee, Fla. teaching Economics, American and World History. My last two years have been teaching middle school students at a small private school outside of Orlando where I taught Ancient World History and early US History. And before you ask –YES I have worked at Disney World! I participated in the Walt Disney College Program and have been to the parks a couple of times (wink-wink).

I have coached cheerleading for 15+ years and competed at districts, states and even qualified for Nationals. I also coached swimming for a few years and was the Homecoming and Prom Coordinator many times. These past two years I sponsored the middle school Student Government Association. My sons and I have spent many hours volunteering at Give Kids the World Make a Wish Village in Kissimmee where I would bring the football and cheer team to help terminally ill children.

I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BA in History. I cannot wait to begin this new adventure in Stebbins and think I am most looking forward to meeting all of my new students. I am hoping to learn some new skills and become involved with the local community life and school.


Camillus Pete

I am Camillus. I am a PARA here at the Stebbins School; I also do the Migrant program, and I am the new Tech Liaison. I am looking forward in being the new techey guy.

I have been working for BSSD going on twelve years and it has been quite a journey.

I enjoy camping, picking berries, hunting, and boating. What I like about working here is the environment, and the people I work with.

Have a wonderful school year.