Great News - We’re coming back to school!!!!

We’re so excited!

We will reopen on Monday, November 23 with a new schedule. For the safety of our community, we will continue to take measures to maintain distancing at school. With that in mind, we are splitting the day so students will now come for half a day for morning lessons or for afternoon lessons.

Schedule -- Morning instruction will take place five days per week from Monday through Friday. Afternoon instruction will take place four days per week from Monday through Thursday. Friday afternoon is for deep cleaning the school. To make sure students are getting equal time at school, the schedule will switch from week to week. The first week, Group A will come to school in the morning for 5 days. Group B will come in the afternoon for 4 days. The next week they will switch so Group B gets 5 days and Group A will attend for 4 days.

Meals -- We will serve lunch to each group separately each day. The morning group will eat breakfast at school. A cold breakfast will be available to pick up at the front doors of school starting at 8:30 for students in the afternoon group.

Illness-Free -- The district school board and other leaders expect our school to continue to operate on a "illness free" basis. Students who do not feel good should stay home. Once they are symptom-free, you should wait 24 more hours before sending students back to school. A student who becomes ill or has a fever will be sent home from school and the family encouraged to call the clinic for a check and possibly a COVID swab. All students and staff must provide clearance from the clinic to return to school or work.

A friendly reminder that students are not to have their cell phones at school. It would be AMAZING if they could just leave them to charge at home!

We want to thank everyone for pulling together to stomp out the virus. It has been a difficult five weeks and we are super excited to have everyone back at school and deeply thankful that everyone is recovering and getting back to healthy.

Miss you!

Coping Strategies

Some ways to cope with social distancing and the stress COVID-19 may cause:

  • Take care of your body and mind. Take deep breaths, meditate, stretch, and exercise regularly.

  • Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals.

  • Get plenty of sleep.

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs.

  • Connect with others online or on the phone and talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling.

  • Make time to relax and do activities you enjoy that can be done while social distancing.

BSSD Says "No" to Cell Phones at School

“Personal electronic devices are best left at home,”

-Principal John Juvinall

Students who bring personal electronic devices to school will be required to turn them over to their teacher first thing in the morning for safekeeping and pick them up at the end of the day.

For parents who are concerned about the security of a child’s cell phone or other device during the day, the school leadership team recommends leaving them at home.