Our Staff

Certified Teaching Staff

Our dedicated, hard-working teachers each came to Stebbins for his or her own distinct reasons and bring different talents, skills, and interests.

Because our educators are a diverse blend of new college graduates entering teaching for the first time, lifelong educators with decades of teaching experience, and established adults with a wealth of life experience from other professions, they bring a balance of enthusiasm, knowledge and global perspective to our school.

In the classroom, on the gym floor, or in the community, this year's teachers work together collaboratively to provide accessible, engaging education to our unique student population

Classified Staff

Para Educators

Kim Aluska

Amber Atchak

Anna Flynn

Daisy Katcheak

Carol Nashoanak

Marie Otten-Pete

Agatha Pete

Camillus Pete

Jessica Tom

Special Ed Para Educators

Greta Willie

Cody Murphy

Micala Dawkins


Rebecca Atchak

Minnie Aluska


Zoe Niksik

Athanasia Foxie

Library/Media & Technology

Nicole Baker Juvinall

Micala Dawkins


Daniel Nashoanak


Felicity Pete

Kathy Mike

Justina Raymond

Sharon Snowball


Ray Haworth

Taylor Kobuk

Jerry Nashoanak