Fourth Grade

Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Benson grew up in New England - which is on the East Coast of the United States. You may see her wearing her New England Patriots mask around the village and in class. She grew up in Massachusetts, but on the western side. Ms. Benson has taught for over 20 years in public schools and also has taught in private topics ranging from Physics to Handwriting. She shares that she is tall, left-handed and has greenish eyes called hazel. Stephanie was given a Yupik name her first year in Alaska - it is Miisaq. She enjoys reading, cooking, salt and vinegar potato chips and spicy food.

Miisaq has a son in college whose name is Joshua. Joshua is in his Senior year at his college in Boston, Massachusetts. What Miisaq wants her students in Stebbins to know is that all they need to do is participate in class and do the best that they can each day. Grade four is a special time where you are older and more capable than when you started four years ago, but you still have fun. In fact, the best feeling is knowing you did a good job on something a little difficult.

She is excited to see you and knows this year will be great!