Quality First Teaching

Quality First Teaching

When pupils operate broadly within the expected range of abilities for their age but their progress/development may occur at a somewhat slower pace than that of other pupils, their needs can be met through Quality First Teaching and the interventions employed by their class teacher and learning assistants

What might Quality First Teaching look like in our school?

All staff amend the curriculum appropriately to personalise the learning to the children's differing abilities either through differing tasks, resources or support. This provides children with an opportunity to succeed, whatever their ability, through challenge at an appropriate level.

Adults will be working alongside differing groups of children to move their learning on, whilst monitoring all the pupils in their class to ensure their understanding of the learning taking place.

There are rigorous assessment, tracking and target setting systems for all pupils and regular reviews take place to monitor pupil progress against expected outcomes as part of ongoing school assessment processes.

Group and individual intervention programmes may be introduced to meet specific identified needs either over time or to overcome a particular area of difficulty identified within a lesson.