School Uniform

For EYFS & KS1:

White polo shirt with red school emblem

For KS2:

White short- or long-sleeved shirt and school tie (ties available from the school office)

For both Key Stages:

Red sweatshirt top* (EYFS & KS1 round neck, KS2 v neck) or v neck cardigan* with school emblem over left breast

Red fleece* with school emblem

Black or grey ‘smart’ trousers, pinafore or skirt

Red checked school dresses and black tailored shorts are optional summer wear.

Socks - black, grey, red or white (black or red tights may be worn in winter).

Black sensible school shoes.

Trainers and canvas shoes are not suitable as they are unhealthy for feet if worn for long periods.

Earrings- plain studs may be worn but must be removed for PE. It is advisable to book piercings for summer holidays to allow time to heal as pupils will be required to remove the earrings themselves.

Other jewellery is not to be worn.

Book bags* if desired are available with the school logo.


Red round neck t shirt with logo*

Black shorts*

White sports socks

Black canvas plimsolls (or trainers in KS2). Plimsolls are not needed for Reception until after Easter.

PE Bag*

In the colder months it may be advisable to supply a tracksuit; this should be plain, preferably a dark colour (grey, blue or black) with no large logos.


Hairstyles should be conventional and suitable for school with no extremes of fashion. Long hair should be tied back at all times – preferably with a red or white scrunchie or ribbon. Large brightly coloured bows and headbands are not permitted nor are patterns shaved into hair.


Regular checks will be made and parents informed of any action required.

* At times during the year, good quality ‘used’ uniform sales may take place.

Local Stockists: