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Why Big B

How Can Big B Help You

Tell us what you need & we will customize a solution to fit your requirements & budget.

Best Practices by Experience

Big B provides a boutique approach to project management. All projects are given a needs assessment and client review to align expectations and deliverables. Projects range from custom website development and hosting solutions to network security and IT management services. Big B brings leading edge direction and management to all areas.

Call me Big B

My name is Brent Kimble and I've been at the keyboard since the early 1980s. In this time I've seen a great deal of changes and exciting advances. I have a passion for computer security and am keenly aware of search engine optimization and marketing. A Fun Fact about me is that I am Bi Lingual; I speak Human and Geek fluently which enables me to interpret client needs into a technical reality.

People : First

Our focus is on people first. From our developers and technical engineers to our customers, we have always strived to put people first. By developing a closer relationship with our team and our clients together, the Big B Managed Services team is able to better meet diverse needs.

Computers are typically inconsiderate & often have questionable behavior. We understand these things and are here to help bridge the gap between the keyboard and the chair. Our ability to drive technology is possible because we have a hand picked team with a proven track record. Together we have been able to tackle and defeat some exciting and challenging projects.

A Complete Solution : Web & IT

Big B Managed Services is your one stop IT shop for businesses large and small. The company was started in 1998 by Brent L. Kimble and has grown consistently over the years. Since that time we have developed great relationships with many people and organizations and have learned a thing or two along the way.

In today’s competitive market, your web site and technology needs can make or break you. With our extensive combined experience and an impressive client satisfaction history, Big B Managed Services would like to help you meet or exceed all your Website & IT needs.

A core advantage to working with Big B Managed Services is our comprehensive and overlapping service offerings. Being able to offer a full range of interconnected IT and Web services allows our clients to have reliable complete solutions through a single point of contact. We eliminate the blame game frequented by multiple vendors and bring to the table the ability to provide faster and more reliable IT and Web solutions. Our clients gain from our experience and are enabled to regain focus on what they are in business for in the first place.

In order to save you precious time and money, a talented and comprehensive array of designers, developers, technicians and programmers are available. Here at Big B Managed Services we are dedicated to providing the most cost effective, flexible and reliable “total solutions.”

Solid Experience : History

Big B Managed Services beginnings focused primarily on developing websites and learning all the neat new stuff that was happening on the Internet in the early 1990's. Our early relationships with local ISP's enabled web hosting easily and has become the foundation on which we have built our own web hosting infrastructure. Eventually our website development lifecycle was developed and word got out that Big B Managed Services could help. As businesses began to use the Internet more the need for Internet Access and Network Services grew. Big B Managed Services stepped up to so many client's requests for help that IT Services became a routine part of our services.

Custom Website Development

All of the major website types Big B develops have a routine process to get from conception through implementation.

All Website Development Projects / Brochure Websites

  • Website Needs Assessment
  • Scope Estimate & Agreement
  • Concept Design
  • Build out / implement content
  • Test and Live

Web Applications and E-Commerce Solutions

  • In addition to the above list...
  • Functional Specification Document
  • Source Control Versioning

Website and Email Hosting Services

Providing reliable hosting services for business needs is a job we at Big B take very seriously. We own and manage our full stack of DNS, Website, Email and other specialty hosting solutions.

Network Security and Systems

All new projects start with a Site Survey and Network Map Documentation using Visio tools. The Network Map Documentation sets Big B apart from many IT service providers by empowering our clients to have ownership of their IT infrastructure administrative information.