Website Lifecycle

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Website Lifecycle

If we build it, they will come... (not!)

Thinking about what happens after the website is built is important. Developing a website with the big picture in mind is even better. Starting with the Development of the Website we ask a few project specific questions to establish a underst&ing of your website Objectives & Audience. Once the website is developed, we can use a registered domain name to host the website & provide e-mail hosting to stay connected to the world 24/7. Once the website is completed, the next most common step is to start a Search Engine Marketing campaign along with any other marketing campaigns. We always make an effort to build a website with search engines in mind wherever possible. Knowing your website visitor traffic trends & being able to monitor e-mail & other marketing campaigns is essential to evaluating your success. Know how many visitors the website has had, what activity was done within the site & obtain information about your visitors. This valuable usage history will pinpoint problem areas within the site & highlight areas that need attention. The ability to analyze your website & improve it's effectiveness is critical to the life cycle of the website.

Website Development

  • Who is your primary Audience?
  • What is the Objective of the website?
  • How effectively is your website Presence reaching your Audience?
  • What are your Competitors doing with their websites?
  • How well will your website Reach its intended Audience?

Web Hosting Services

  • Secure & Dedicated Webserver will keep your website online 24/7/365.
  • Dedicated E-Mail servers help keep traffic loads balanced.
  • Multiple Domain Name System (DNS) servers to keep all domain services available.
  • Professional Monitoring & Service Auditing to identify & prevent problems immediately.
  • Multiple, Redundant High Speed Internet connections to deliver web & E-Mail traffic quickly & efficiently.

Search Engine Marketing

  • "If we build it, they will come" does not apply. Make sure your Audience can Find your site.
  • Search Engine Marketing & Promotion is the first step to increased website traffic.
  • Evaluate your website Ranking in the top search engines by keywords.
  • Receive Reports comparing your website Position with your competitors.
  • Stay Current & competitive with monthly promotion efforts.

Website Traffic / Visitor Reports

  • Keep track of how many visitors came to your site, what pages were viewed & when your peak traffic times are.
  • Know how successful your website is & identify areas that need attention.
  • Identify your Audience by their browser type, site usage, point of referral & locality.
  • Find what search engines are driving the most traffic to your site.
  • View details in a variety of graphs by day, week, month or year.
  • Export reports for offline analysis or import to database for trend evaluation.

Website Analysis / Updates

  • Professional consultation to help your website get the best possible Search Engine Positioning.
  • Independent analysis of website to make sure it is meeting its Objective & target Audience.
  • Experienced Keyword Selection & Optimization techniques for enhanced effectiveness.
  • Provide input & suggestions on ways to enhance the functionality & effectiveness of website.
  • Close working relationship provides a personal touch that gives your website the attention it deserves.

Website Lifecycle