Email Account Recovery Options

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Email Account Recovery Options

Enable Account Recovery Options

For all options, you will need to do the following:

    1. Sign in to My Account.
    2. In the "Sign-in and Security" section, select Signing in to Google.
    3. Under “Account recovery options” you can:
      1. Add a recovery phone: Select Recovery phone.
      2. Add a recovery email: Select Recovery email.

Use Recovery Options to regain access to your Account

For all options, you will need to do the following:

    1. Visit our password recovery page.
    2. Enter your username.
    3. Click Submit.
    4. If your email address is accepted, a CAPTCHA will appear (letters in a distorted picture), which needs to be typed in the empty box below.
    5. Click Submit.

To be contacted via:


    1. Choose the radio button which says "Email to *****@****.com".
    2. An email from Google is automatically sent to your recovery email address.
    3. Log into the account of your secondary email address and follow the instructions provided in the message.

NOTE: If a verification email was sent but you didn't receive the it, the message was probably caught by a spam or bulk mail filter in your recovery email system. Try checking your Spam or Bulk Mail folders for a message from to see if the email is there.

Mobile Phone

    1. Choose the radio button which says "Text message to ********XX".
    2. A text message will be sent to your mobile phone with a password-reset code.
    3. Enter the password-reset code on the following Text message code verification page.
Email Account Recovery Options