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Custom Brochure Websites

Custom Brochure Websites

Custom Brochure Websites

A Brochure website is one with very limited functionality and is the most common type of website on the Internet. At most, a Brochure Website may have a simple contact form. Common implementations of Brochure Websites are for small to medium businesses who only need an online presence to showcase their products or services.

More than Meets the Eye

Designing a website is an art form unto itself. We take in factors such as customer's audience and the objective of the website itself. But more than that, we need to be mindful of the delivery of the objective to the intended audience as it relates to the technology used to reach the potential customer. Our Website Questionnaire has the basic questions we ask every potential client to help establish a starting point from where to work. From there, we will design a website that maximizes effectiveness on various devices while maintaining a Search Engine Optimized approach. Our years of experience in this area allows us to bring more to the project than our competitors because we have a balance of technical and user experience capabilities.

We design for the future.

A website, like a computer should last a few years at least. With the always evolving nature of the Internet it is important to be strategic in designing a user experience that can stand the test of time as well as engage the target audience to meet the objective of the website itself, whether that call to action is to complete a request form, make a phone call or email or to purchase products or services on line. The Website Lifecycle is an ongoing part of targeting and meeting these goals.

Mobile First / Responsive Design

Hand coded custom Brochure Websites are built with a Mobile First / Responsive Design approach. This means that your website will display nicely across mobile devices & still work well on desktop screens. Website visitor's use via mobile surpassed desktop years ago & it is important to have a website that can respond to various screen sizes & orientations.

Custom Designed

Given the relatively short amount of time we have to capture a person's interest, it is important that the website conveys to them what you want it to so that they will ultimately become a conversion to your business objective.

Big B Managed Services websites also include:

  • Keywords: Research relevant keywords, assess effectiveness of keyword combinations, prioritize for most important.
  • Sitemap: Create tree structure bullet list of website pages and hierarchy. Create HTML & XML Sitemap for submitting to Robots / Spiders.
  • Favicons - A customized icon that may be displayed in the browser's URL bar, in list of bookmarks &, in a tab next to the page's title.
  • Custom 404 Page - A customized error page keeps visitors on your website even when a file gets deleted, moved or renamed.