Bellville ISD Course Catalog

Bellville ISD staff facilitates the learners in our district to become Future-Ready leaders by providing them a variety of experiences from the beginning of Elementary to Graduation from Bellville High School.  This Course Catalog outlines these opportunities by describing the Academies, Pathways, and Programs of Study that culminate in the courses offered in our Secondary schools.  This experience begins with our Elementary students being exposed to each academy in a general manner that shows them many different areas of each Academy.  After Exposure to the Academies at the Elementary level this experience continues with our Junior High students exploring different pathways that match their interests across the Academies.  This experience culminates with our High School students building expertise in Programs of Study by completing an Industry Recognized Certification, attaining an Associate Degree, and/or performing at a superior level.  Each Program of Study contains the Secondary courses students can take at Bellville Junior High and Bellville High School. 

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